Forest Resources

Forest policy

Scierie Landrienne’s forest development and management policy seeks to maximize the forest’s contribution to the economic, social and ecological well-being of the region. We always adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and are unfailingly conscious of how our activities can impact the environment. With a view to continuously improving upon of our ecological record, Scierie Landrienne seeks to uphold and, whenever necessary, refine our environmental practices while fulfilling all our legal obligations and further advancing the quality of our forest products.

Our commitment

To successfully implement a robust, fully documented and up-to-date environmental management system to effectively control the ecological impacts of our forestry operations. We commit to using the financial resources and manpower necessary to properly maintain and develop this system.


Structure and implementation

The structure and implementation of our environmental management system allows us to:

  • Anticipate the environmental impact of all our activities, products and services
  • Take the social and economic impact of each action into account in order to proceed in a responsible, sustainable manner
  • Provide a framework for establishing and monitoring environmental targets and objectives
  • Ensure the ongoing improvement of our company and its prevention and conservation capabilities
  • Ensure that all legal requirements and other commitments are met or exceeded
  • Provide specialized training to each of our employees to ensure they are always equipped with the latest information regarding the environmental aspects of their roles
  • Keep all employees, subcontractors and the public informed of our environmental commitments and policies