Mission Statement and Background

Scierie Landrienne’s mission is to be a profitable company that manufactures high-quality products, to respect its employees and the forest and to generate social and economic benefits for the Amos area and its people. The company’s production capabilities allow it to fill orders in the best possible timeframes and provide products of the best possible quality.

Scierie Landrienne

Scierie Landrienne was established in 1978.

The original sawmill, owned by the Lavoie family (Lavoie et Frères, est. 1955), was built on the site in 1966. Following a fire in 1972, the mill was rebuilt, then sold to a group of shareholders in 1978.


The Lavoie et Frères sawmill in Landrienne

Newly rebuilt after a fire, the mill was renamed Scierie Landrienne following its sale on May 22, 1978 to a group of shareholders. At the time, it had an output of up to 65,000 ft. per shift.


The company’s shareholders finalize the acquisition. These business partners brought diverse strengths to the table and ran Scierie Landrienne like a family business, laying the groundwork for its success.


Expansion of sawing area


Scierie Landrienne purchases a portion of Forex and Abiex’s supplies


Establishment of CAAF system and environmental standards
The company becomes responsible for forest management


Installation of the mill’s first kiln


Acquisition of J.E. Therrien


Installation of the mill’s first boiler and kiln
Digitization of forestry maps


Installation of second kiln                                                                                             


Installation of new twin saw


New quality-based wage system introduced to better meet environmental standards


Installation of third kiln; Construction of new garage
Planing facility grader upgraded


Forest purchase at Chapleau, Ontario
Pumping station


Expanded planing facility


Installation of new chipper


Addition of 15 bins to mill


New grading station in planing facility


Establishment of protected areas resulting in an 8% reduction in cutting rights


New automated edger; Landrienne venture
Installation of fourth kiln
Expansion of mechanical workshop


Acquisition of Scierie Gallichan (Launay, Quebec) from Kruger to strengthen its operations


Photo credit : Pascal Perreault

Scierie Landrienne is brought into the fold of Chantiers Chibougamau and the Filion family in a transaction made public on June 23. The acquisition will ensure the longevity of the mill, whose shareholders had been looking to pass the torch for some time.

Chantiers Chibougamau

A Vital Partnership

For over 50 years, Chantiers Chibougamau has man­ufactured and marketed highly competitive forest products that are tailored to consumers’ increasing concern for sustainability. Always at the forefront of wood processing technology, and with more than 600 employees in the northern Quebec region, the company values the resources of the boreal forest and offers its customers superior products accredited by leading certification agencies.

Chantiers Chibougamau